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I've always drawn, I think ever since I was a child I was known as the artsy one. I've struggled with perfection and imposter syndrome my whole life and now finally in my late 20's I'm finishing art work. Everything used to be left unfinished and 2019 was the beginning of change. I finished the Star Card for a project I was working on. Even though that project got put on the back burner it was the beginning of something new for me. I learned that I can draw, that I am capable of drawing nice things.


I am heavily influenced by Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Satoshi Kon, and Christopher Nolan to name a few. I grew up on fairytales and the whimsical 90's reinterpretations of Victorian aesthetics. It is something I strive to recreate. I'm still getting used to sharing my art online but I hope I can create something that you like.

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