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Here you can read more about the projects I've made or am currently working on! Although I update most of my social media with current projects, this page is a cohesive overview of all the big things I've worked on or have been a part of.


Oracle Deck

The Menagerie of Love

A 60-card collage love themed oracle deck for platonic and romantic relationships.


First collection!

Finally made my dream come true of designing my own jewelry line during 2020 lockdown.

Art Nouveau Astrology Natal Chart


Creating natal charts

twenty-twenty-two was to solely focus on creating more art prints and functional art. The first thing I wanted to make is beautiful natal charts. More info coming soon.


Magical knick-knacks and more

Last year I made it a goal to start using clay again. I purchased a bunch of clay and resin to make things I wished I could make with glass and ceramic. I got to start somewhere. More info coming soon.

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